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How to Enter Fiji during COVID



Can be as low as $1,300 USD for 14 day stay and 3 meals a day for one person.


$1,100 USD per person when two people sharing a room.

Fiji Blue Lane is OPEN click this link to learn more:


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Please note that alot will be considered due to arrival from the US being a high risk place. So we will lay out all expenses that will be incurred & link it to the boat that's sitting here in Fiji. We will lay out the safety measures that will be taken eg Vaccination, safe route to Fiji, Gloves & masks that's been used at all times, etc. I have attached a sample of the letter for your information. I prefer to cover all the angles so they dont come back with questions.


Documents required to obtaining approvals to enter Fiji Via Air:-


- letter requesting for entry to rejoin the vessel & reasons for travel, confirm all costs associated with your arrival will be borne by the applicant. Please include the name of the boat you're joining and any other details that could be helpful.

- Copies of the passports 

- Contribution towards the economy - List all your expenses for your boat (estimates on fuel, berthing, agents fees, parts & any repairs) & Quarantine costs (hotel costs for 14 days) and any future plans or projected costs. Basically what's been spent in the past year or two, an estimate is ok.

- Flight itinerary from US to Fiji

- Licenced Agents Letter vouching on behalf of the client & taking responsibility


The covid team (CRMT) that makes the final decisions are always concerned with safety & secondly the economic recovery. And all requests for entry are linked to the blue lane. Having boat owners/crew fly in and quarantine in a hotel is something that covers both the Safety & helping the economy.


Prior to Departure from USA, A RT-PCR test is to be taken within a 72 hour time frame from when the test was taken and on departure. Results to be sent over ASAP so we can push for the approval for you to depart within the 72 hours. Note that approval has to be granted prior to departure. 


It’s important that the lab results are to be shown on a laboratory letterhead. Please take note of the information below and verify with the medical facility that's conducting the tests to avoid any issues with results.


“The testing equipment used for the COVID-19 RT-PCR (by Nasopharyngeal swab) test must be done on one of the 21 Company and Assay types as evaluated and listed by FIND on the attached link ”


Costs related to their arrival are:-


Swab tests on arrival - FJD$300 per person

Transfer fees from Airport to Hotel - approx FJD$100 (It depends on the Hotel you're been transferred to).

Hotel rates for 14 days (depends on the hotel selected by the authorities) or do you have a preference for something in Denarau.

Military Surveillance/escort - (will be included in the hotel charges)


Our service fee is a flat FJD$750. This also includes liaising with the authorities upon receiving the test results & obtaining the final letter from immigration to depart within the time frame. This letter is required upon check in with Fiji Airways and i will ensure its a hassle-free clearance.


I hope the above was helpful. The sooner you send the information required, I will lodge ASAP.


Please dont hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.




Yacht Partners Fiji
Level 1, Office No. 2

Port Denarau Marina Reservations Bldg.

M: +679 9927 986 / +679 7727 986